Sebastian PROFILE


オーストラリア出身のLouisa Searの下でヴィンヤサヨガのRYT200養成コースを修了。その後、インドにて彼女の養成コースのアシスタントとして活動。その他に、David Swenson、Kirsten Berg、Mitchell Gold、Rolf & Marci Naujokatの下でアシュタンガヨガを8年間、毎日練習してきた。過去6年間に7度渡印し、その間 Rolf Naujokatの下でアサナやプラナヤーマの練習と勉強に励んだ。
インドのマイソールKPJAYIでは、SharathJoisの指導を受けた。Rolf & Marci Naujokatのアシスタントとして活動し、インドのゴアにて、彼らのアシュタンガヨガプログラムのアシスタントとして3期経験を積んだ。


Sebastian discovered yoga in 1993 and has been practicing with dedication and devotion ever since. Immediately he immersed himself in a three year Teacher Training course in Traditional Hatha Yoga in Uruguay. After completing the course he had found and awakened to his purpose and began his journey as a yoga teacher, a journey that he continues today.

Sebastian subsequently completed a 200 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training in Vinyasa Yoga with accomplished and talented yoga teacher from Australia, Louisa Sear. Since then he has assisted her on several of her teacher trainings in India.

Sebastian has been practicing Ashtanga yoga daily for 8 years with world renowned teachers, such as: David Swenson, Kirsten Berg & Mitchell Gold, and primarily Rolf and Marci Naujokat. Sebastian has travelled to India seven times during the past six years for a period of three months each trip to practice and study asana and pranayama with his certified teacher Rolf Naujokat. He has also studied with Sharath Jois at the KPJAYI in Mysore, India. Sebastian has been trained as an apprentice with Rolf & Marci Naujokat and has had the opportunity of assisting them for three seasons in their Ashtanga Yoga program in Goa (India).
Three years ago Sebastian founded his own Ashtanga Yoga Mysore style program in Osaka,Japan, where he teaches traditional morning Mysore practice throughout the year. He has also had the opportunity to teach yoga, retreats, and workshops in many countries around the world, including: Uruguay,Argentina, Spain, Finland, Sweden, Holland, India, Canada, and Japan.

Sebastian wishes to share the wisdom of yoga and the lessons of his teachers in a way that is supportive and inspiring to his students. He has a deep love and reverence for the practice and is passionate about sharing this with others to help them along their path of self-discovery and liberation.
In his teaching he emphasizes non-competition, alignment,safety, integrity, humility, patience ,and surrender, while sharing what he has learnt through his personal journey of exploration through daily practice.

Sebastian is the director of the 200 hours Yoga teacher training at Studio Viola tricolor since 2009. Sebastian has learnt Traditional Thai massage in Thailand in 2005, and also hasobtained a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine in Spain in 2004.

好きな言葉Yoga has a special role to play in todays world. Its practice alone can can remove mental and physical afflictions. It can bring joy into our hearts and homes. Yoga does not lay down extraordinary conditions of self-discipline and behavior patterns. You can continue enjoying the good things of life and still be a yogi; nor is it at all necessary to give up the worldly ambitions or material aspirations to take the yogic way of life. However, one need not become slave of one`s desires.



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